The Bike

I want to do this trip with my girlfriend, having the tent with us in case we need it. Any of these bikes have what it takes …

I prefer V-strom because it’s more easier. I’ll update this when I have it purchased.

09.08.2016. I find myself in a similar position as this guy ( . I had a Transalp ’97 that I sold few years ago. What I’m looking for is a bike that will:

  1. be good for 2-up touring (and general riding)
  2. be reasonably cheap if I go for an older model
  3. have at least a little off-road ability
  4. have reasonable (i.e. better than the Africa Twin, or Transalp) fuel consumption

Regarding Fuel consumption, I found some references 1 but I looked for some real life input:

V-strom DL650 reports show under 5l / 100km (over 47mpg) being in the top 10 in position 5.

Varadero XL1000V reports show around 6l / 100km ( 40mpg)

V-strom DL1000 is close to Varadero.

Regarding performance, I’m not looking for so much power, but torque gives a nice feeling. I have no big demands here.


V-Strom vs. Transalp

Well I might have changed my mind a bit.  Even though V-strom has a larger fuel tank… I might consider the Transalp in the end. At least in my country , it seems that the prices are lower on the TA.  Brakes are better on TA and mileage can be the same if gentle with the throttle.

13.08.2016. BUT, V-strom has better mileage, and bigger fuel tank… why is it so hard to make a choice?

19.08.2016. Decision is made. DL650A L0, meaning V-strom with ABS from 2010, was my choice. Went 200km to see it last week. Today I went back to finish all papers. It’s done.

Heading back home I am supposed to cross the “Black Hill”(Dealul Negru 2 ). Nice roads with lots of curves to enjoy the ride back. My first trip on these roads on the motorcycle, and I was very excited. Just started to enjoy it after the highway rush (I need to change the windshield for higher speeds than 90 kph ) and the joy stopped with the first thunder ! The sky became clouded soon and in 10 minutes I was wet as a sponge. Besides the long line of cars stopped because of a tree in the middle of the road the rain poured heavily and I made a stop in a gas station for one hour and a coffee. Got home safely. Waiting for rainy days to pass 🙂 . Will update next trips in preparation category.

First picture of my V-Strom. Meet the “RIDA”


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