First oil change

It’s my first time. I never changed oil myself until now. Rida has 44442km onboard now. Even if it’s already autumn I expect to have some rides next weeks and don’t want to leave any uncertainty regarding previous oil. 

2.7 l of Motul 7100 10w40 MA2 synthetic oil and a filter. I am not used to feel the torque for the filter but the rule with 2 complete turns after first contact of the sealing with the engine was useful…anyhow I wasn’t able to do two turns in the beginning.I started the engine few minutes and after that I was able to complete the turns…almost. it is tight enough. I’ll check for leaks.

I also cleaned the chain and and sprayed some Teflon oil for road use. It’s like a white foam that settles in between the links. It becomes thick, and sticks well to the chain. But it’s hard to clean afterwards. I had it from the previous bike…next time I’ll use transmission oil, and maybe the scottoiler I just purchased. 


One thought on “First oil change

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