400km – Season closing 02.10.2016

400km – season closing 2016

This is the last trip for 2016. The plan was to visit something … so we did: starting with Deva Fortress, followed by Hunedoara Castle (we went inside the fortress walls to take a short picture but they throw us back out , and that was it for us ), After that we aimed for Rosia Montana. The road from Deva to Rosia Montana looks promising. maybe next year they will finish  what is already started at this time.  At Rosia Montana we took some pictures, and searched for some restaurants…but not so many chances in weekend… so back in the saddle and look after some restaurants near the road… no luck: we ended up in Alba Iulia’s fortress around 8:00PM at the ” Gourmand Festival” or something like that. pretty nice barbecues inside the fortress walls . Night has fallen over  and we went back home. Just for the record: this is my first 400km trip in one day and what I observed is that I don’t really enjoy night riding.


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