12V Accessories

What do I need to have installed on the bike for a better experience on long trips?

My bike came equipped with some low beamers. Good thing to have, but the way the previous owner installed them I didn’t like. They are powered directly from the battery through a switch. I want to change that and add a relay connected to the ignition. I will do that using the plate light wires, to arm the relay when key is in ON position.

I started with the idea to have a power distributor for GND and +12V. This looks like shown in the pictures. As reference I found this very good page to explain it in nice pictures: http://www.canyonchasers.net/shop/generic/relay.php


Next item will be the 12V socket that will be used to power some USB charger or the compressor. I added a third wire in the cable sleeve (it’s thermo-resistant) of the 12V socket. Tricky thing to do, even though first impression was it will be easy, I had to make three small punctures when the wire was stuck (see the gray tape from place to place). I want to use the additional red wire for an USB charger that will remain hidden.
I found the wires for the license plate. They were hanging under the plate support, above the rear wheel. The previous owner just left them there and removed the plate lighting holder. Finding their end under the seat was pretty easy, by moving the wires around you can see them moving the white connector near the rear stop and rear signals connections.  I put some connectors on the wires that will power the relay when ignition is on.

I used a 30A fuse on the wire connected to the +12V on the battery. This wire goes in the relay pin 87. then from the pin 30 I have a connection to the distributor. Everything  else that will be connected to the distributor will be active only when the relay is armed, meaning only when the key is in position ON.

Here’s a demo video with me measuring the output to ensure it switches the relay off when key is OFF, and testing the additional lights which were powered directly from the battery until now.

And here’s a picture to show the connection I have made. Maybe I will tidy up the cables a little bit .

more pictures here: https://goo.gl/photos/SG8JNHqSYagPTjSk8


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