The South

I started planning the next big trip to Greece. I expect it to be a nice 2 weeks travel with few resting days .

If you think you might be on the same route sometime in September 2017 give me a message. I will be glad to share part of the trip or all the trip with you.

Main areas I want to cover are marked with the blue line in the artwork below (credit to for the illustration)


My plan is to travel fast to Thessaloniki (one stop before passing the Danube to Bulgaria, and then directly to Greece) and from there to start the serious planning for landmarks visits – route optimization for cost and fun: the highways are not always the best way to spend your time on such a trip. I took a look over the most recommended routes for motorcycles from

Here’s my google maps preview:

Campgrounds in GREECE (“ΚΑΜΠΙΝΓΚ” or “καμπινγκ”)

I was thinking to have some days in the tent between location. maybe near the beach, maybe save some money, maybe closer to nature, because it’s an adventure after all.

ΚΑΜΠΙΝΓΚ -that’s “camping” phonetically rendered into Greek symbols) – so look for this word on the road signs if you are searching one . they also use the phrase χωρος κατασκηνωσης – pronounced chóros kataskínosis.

I found this to be useful :
Nice overview of campgrounds with a lot of filters to improve your search. One thing needs to be clarified for me…The price, ranging somewhere at 25EUR…is it for a tent or for one  person ? I could find a nice room with breakfast for 25/night…

Also here you can find a map of the camping sites (not all are on the map – “search by destination” shows more )

I found a lot of useful things related to different ways to travel to Greece, including road fees/taxes here:

Also the travel blog of one of my friends has plenty of info regarding interest points that I would like to visit (thanks Radu for updating the links to maps):

UPDATE: TRAVEL TO THE SOUTH (videos and more)



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