Travel Spare parts and tools

In order to have some inner peace in my next trips I started this list of tools and spare parts to have anywhere I go outside the country, or even there on longer trips. I’ll stick to spare parts , mechanics and electronics… not general use or camping gear. For that I have a separate page.

I will split it in 2 categories: spare parts and tools that I would like to have in my toolbox or under the seat. After I checked all items in those lists I will add the pictures to show you where I placed everything.

Many of these things may not be needed because I would do a general inspection before any long trip and would replace any of the parts showing some issues.

Spare parts (recommendation)

  • clutch cable
  • clutch and brake lever;  Heavy Duty hand guards could be used or small cut off pipe to fit the levers would do the trick
  • spare shifter
  • 4 spark plugs NGK CR8EIX (from 2007 you need 4)
  • spare bulbs (nice to have , but on the road you can find them in almost every gas station):
    • Headlights are 12v 60/55W Halogen H4 fitment (2x)
    • Rear/stop are 12v 21/5W (2x)
    • Indicators are 12v 21W (4x)
  • fuses, from 5A to 20A and 30A
  • a full bottle of engine oil (I don’t plan to take one)
  • chain oil for Scottoiller /  chain lube
  • spare rectifier/regulator, although most problematic is the stator , I’ve read there is some replacement for the regular one with longer life; QUOTE: “the best solution for preserving stator is to use a Series Regulator rather than the predominantly common Shunt designs” . MOSFET R/R is also better than stock SCR type (Silicon-Controlled Rectifier) which have the stator output at maximum all the time . but MOSFET R/R is also shunt design which draws more current from alternator/stator. People worldwide report that even fuel consumption gets better mainly because it’s a better management system.

A  digital volt meter might save your battery from a bad regulator/rectifier


  • some wires, electrical tape, crimp connectors, crimp tool
  • zip ties, cleaning rags
  • some working plastic gloves
  • 12v compressor and tire repair kit
  • metal hand saw
  • 3/8 or 1/4 wrench with extensions, Sockets – 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 14mm / 17mm / 22mm / 24mm (for removing the rear axle nut, is a 3/8″ drive) 3/8″ to 1/4″ adapter if needed for sockets
  • 5/8″ Spark Plug tool (is already in the basic toolkit under seat)
  • Allen keys 2mm / 2.5mm / 3mm / 4mm / 5mm / 6mm
  • Allen 12 mm – Axle Socket
  • Screw Driver (Phillips & Flat is in the basic tookit)
  • cutter, pliers or multi-tool
  • Loctite or similar agent
  • Oil filter tool
  • Small flashlight extendable , with magnetic head to recover screws or other metal parts ( I have this one )

The basic toolkit does not include the 12mm hex for the front axle and mine does not include pliers. You can check some other forums to see what others added to the toolkit – Standard Wee-Strom tool kit  or buy a tool kit with tool roll  .

One other important thing is to search for SOS numbers or local roadside assistance / towing contacts along the path you want to follow. Sometimes you just don’t have what’s needed tools ,parts or skills.

Check your oil level every morning before you start off, especially after high-speed or high-temperature rides the day before.

to be updated...

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