GPS Tracker

Since I bought RIDA I was thinking about different security solutions for the bike when I leave it outside, alone. One of the most convenient for my inner peace was an pager alarm with remote control and GPS tracker… but in the end I think I’ll stick to only a GPS vehicle tracker with movement sensor and geo-fence. This means I will get a sms every time the bike moves outside a defined area (apparently with orage.gps-trace server app you can have two types of rules : leaving the area or entering the are).

The device I have chosen is the one described in the following video:


  • Real-time tracking, show location information automatically(supports Android/IOS APP, web/WAP) – I use : |and their app  logo
  • Getting instructions and location information via SMS, queries on Google map
  • Built-in switching power supply, wide voltage input range(suitable for all cars), plug and work
  • It needs password to make and change any setup, protect your privacy. Not my copy. I could set my phone number as admin without entering any password. The command syntax didn’t require it. 
  • Dimensions: 90*45*12mm
  • Weight: 45g
  • Network: GSM/GPRS GSM Band: 850/900/1800/1900Mhz GPRS: Class 12, TCP/IP built-in GSM module GPS Module: SIRF 3 Chip Speed Accuracy: 0.1m/s
  • GPS Accuracy: 10m (2D RM)
  • GPS Start time: Cold status 38s (first run took some minutes to fix the loction, maybe because the unit was near the window and it was raining) Warm status 32s Hot status 2s
  • Voltage of Car Power System: 7V-30V (I hooked it up to a 9V ‘old’ battery and measured 7.5V when plugged and the unit was not starting) I think 9V is minimum
  • Maximum altitude: 18,000m
  • Max speed: 515m/s
  • LED indicator:  GPS – blue, GSM – green , Power – red
  • Working temperature: -10 to 60℃
  • Working humidity: 45% to 80%RH
  • Power consumption : T.B.D. I estimate around 0,4W @12V
  • Current draw when active: 25mA to 50mA measured in standby mode (this means GPRS upload is active). When receiving SMS command and sending SMS current goes up to 200mA for a second (roughly).

I consider having a small accumulator connected to the gps tracker through the relay , allowing the accumulator to be charged from main battery only when ignition is on. I will see if I can fit one.

This kind of GPS Tracker has a lot of variations and is called TK110, AH207, AH208(with relay to stop the engine) or GT02A. Best instructions you’ll find on youtube because many times the manual provided is not as good as expected (result from the complaints on the forums and videos watched)

I made some pictures to the manual I received :

Some hints to make the right SMS settings on your device in order to send the data to the server (GPRS connection):

  1. set the right apn from your SIM provider – you must use the GPRS apn and not the Data GSM apn ; for Orange Romania GPRS apn is: internet ; send the command:
  2. set the ip from the server and the right port 20488
  3. set the timer for the upload between 10s and 600s (default is 15s )

Setting a Geo fence notification on the web application:

You can setup alarms for entering or leaving defined geo-fences. Also , you can setup a notification when the server does not receive any data from the GPS tracker. The SMS notification from the server doesn’t appear to work. But I received an email when I disconnected the power form the device. One thing to take care of: set the timer of the notification higher than the upload timer of the device, otherwise you’ll receive the mail notification from server before the device will start uploading a new position to the server.

You can also set a speed alert (mail) when speed is out of the defined range ( you can set the range 0km/h to 1km/h to be notified when the motorcycle moves).

The second option if the first one is a fail will be to use an old mobile smartphone and a child tracking app from Google play. Something like this one.

2017.04.17 Short test with the 12V 1300mAh battery

I made a short test to see how much the 1300mAh 12V will hold. I powered the gps tracker from the small battery and measured the voltage from time to time. Here’s what I measured:

Tk110 powered by 1.3Ah12V battery

It will last for 1 full day , even 48 hours until it reaches 11.5V, but I think it’s not what I am looking for. Next thing to test is a Li-Ion 6800mAh (115x58x25 mm), but this will need a charger/regulator.



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