Passenger’s first ride on RIDA. BT-S2 Headset in test.

This weekend we decided to have the first ride together since the weather was getting better and better. It was also a good opportunity to test the Bluetooth form China (BTS2 from GearBest – order from here to support me) which worked pretty well after I figured out how to pair them. I read the instructions a while ago but somehow didn’t do it right from the first time. Only in Cisnadioara we had 5 minutes break to try it again and it worked. The sound is pretty clear , especially with the visor down when you speed up…

It can be connected to the phone in the same time but you have to switch between phone and intercom by pressing the power button once. the sound will not overlap (as I was expecting) so either communication with paired device either phone audio(calls, navigation, music, …etc). You can also hear radio by tapping twice on  the phone button. It does a decent job.
Battery life: about 8 to 10 hours used as intercom and connected to phone for directions.



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