G.P.T Gear indicator reset and program

The bike came with a gear indicator but it wasn’t showing the gears as expected. I never saw a 6 on the display and in higher gears it seems to be confused. Apparently the previous owner took it from another Suzuki motorcycle and just fitted it on his.

I searched the internet about gear indicators and wee strom gear sensor being available on the diagnose cable and the famous PINK wire. It was promising and I said to myself I could fix the voltage readings – so I found that the values for each gear are as follows:

1st gear = 1.782v
2nd gear = 2.242v
3rd gear = 2.960v
4th gear = 3.630v
5th gear = 4.310v
6th gear = 4.660v
Neutral = 5.000v


Down to business. I want to check what values of the current set-up . open the box. Why does it have 4 wires? on the forums there was ground, power and gear sensor (with the values above). check the electronics. STOP. There’s a microprocessor inside and apparently it uses speed and RPM to calculate the gear position.

This is not going where I wanted.

Some more deep research done. I have a GPT Gear indicator made in Italy used on bikes with electric speedometer. So I cannot add some trick it so easy without programming it. But programming it means to reset it and go through all gears in a learning state. Good thing google knows to translate other forums like this one. The button on the front panel is there for something. Long press it and you’ll reset the unit.

OK, now that I know what to do let’s clear a bit the mess in the electronic connectionGPT DL650 V-Strom Gear indicator

Next – go on the highway and re-program it. In the city it might be hard to hit the 5th gear in high rpm and then change to 6th.


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