Travel to the South – Greece

We have started our trip to Greece. You can follow our steps here :


First planning of the trip started with The South. There are lots of things to visit in Greece but the main focus were the roads and the sea side.

Travel Videos from each day:

First two days were the travel to Greece through Bulgaria, not the best choice, I know, which was the shortest way. We traveled to Bechet and stayed there overnight at “Tata si Fii” Hotel, which I guess is the only one near the ferry port. In the morning we woke because of the heavy thunderstorm outside. We had breakfast and coffee just long enough for the storm to pass.  But the weather was not as good as we wanted. After we passed the border and got on the ferry the rain started to pour and arrived on the other side of Danube already wet. Luckily we used – for the first time on a motorcycle trip – our rain gear. Most of the rain equipment is from Decathlon, except my over-pants – HELD Aqua.

We stopped the video camera on the ferry because it’s not really waterproof so you won’t see how we look like two blue puffy things bloated by the strong wind. It kept raining  for about 3 hours and got better when we got closer to the Greek border. Sun was on the sky and we were pretty dry when arrived in Thessaloniki. Except the boots. I have some goretex mountain boots which are well vented and worked very well through the entire trip but they are not long enough to come all the way under the rain pants. I ended with water inside and had to leave them to dry until  next morning (which again is quite good considering the amount of water to got inside).

I consider buying some longer boots but not to fancy – something to give me the ability to walk long distances also. We like to visit cities by foot when possible.  If you have any recommendations please add it in the comments !


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