Top case enhanced

If last year we had our tent in one of the sidecases , this year we plan to use a rack for it. This will give us more space in the side cases not for more clothes, but for spare parts I think (maybe oil filter and some other stuff) … not decided yet.

So, this is how I started to enhance the top case with the luggage rack.

Next step: adapt a USB power plug to charge power-banks during day , for later usage in the evening , for those days when electricity is not present … or not free. The electric connector  from the top case will be used to also power the braking lights on the topcase, so I adapted a 4 wire connector for both. This way it’s easier to remove the topcase in case I want to bring it near or in the tent. The USB converter will be powered my 12V distributor, and will be active only if the key contact is on, so I don’t discharge the battery by mistake.

The soft sponge is used to cover the USB converter and its wires, and to protect the electronics from the vibrations – last year my powerbank was dead at the end of the trip because of a broken soldering inside it. Now it’s fixed but I have to prevent that.



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