Maintainance before journey

I will make a list of things that I have replaced or re-conditioned on the bike before starting our trip.

Engine oil and filter.

This is the first thing and the certain replacement that I have to do while traveling at least twice. The oil filter I used has a small wrench end for easier removal. Will take a spare one with me and buy oil on the road. I will document some locations in the map for moto shops along the planned route. To make it easier to replace the oil I installed a “Stahlbus Oil Drain Valve” instead of the normal pot.

Spark plugs.

New ones. Regular, not iridium. They should last this trip. I will not carry spare ones… I think.

Air filter.

For sure I replaced it and I expect to be OK until I come back home.

Brake fluid and brake pads.

The pads and fluid were replaced last year and have little distance done with them. So I think they’ll not be an issue because I don’t ride so fast and don’t brake hard. I will not take any replacements with me.

Battery. RR. Stator

Battery was charged and maintained all winter using the Oximiser … But still I don’t know how old it is and seems to add struggle a bit in cold weather. I mounted a voltmeter to monitor the battery level and the charging level, monitoring in this way also the Regulator-Rectifier and the alternator. Maybe it’s a good idea to replave the battery before leaving and have a backup RR with me…

Chain and sprockets.

New. The old ones will not last the travel distance. Will increase the periods for checking the tension and will clean it more often even if I will have the scottoiler on all the time. Travelling with passenger and heavy load is affecting the life of the chain for sure. Recommended period is 1000km.

Valve clearance check.


Cables maintainance.

Throttle cable and clutch cable are greased and I will carry a repair kit with me. Just in case.

Front fork sealing and oil.

Replaced every sealing, oil and dust sealings (they were cracked a bit)

Cooling system.

The fluid is replaced. It should survive the full trip without any issue.


I think I will not cary any spare bulbs. They should be easy to find in any case station.


I have bought a pairs of Metzeler Tourance Next. Will put them on two weeks before leaving just to have some time to get them well prepared.

Rear 150/70R17 69V
Front 110/80R19 59V

Wheels valve.

I received a suggestion to have a spare valve in case somehow they get cracked…?!

Tire pressure check.

Psi 33F/36R = Bar 2.27F/2.48R roughly


Nothing fused until now. Will just keep some spare parts with me.


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