Packing what’s needed

I made a summary of the things I am considering to bring with me in the Europe trip. I split them in four categories  for camping, clothes, medicine and gadgets.

Camping Gear

  1. Tent (Marmot Traillight 2P)
  2. Sleeping bags (Pinguin Lite Blanket extreme – 0°C, comfort 10°C ). I chose something in rectangular shape , also able to be zipped together as one, so in case of colder nights we can cover with both , and we have the extra layer of air between them, or we can fit the alu foil for heat reflection.
  3. sleeping Pads Thermarest Prolite Plus (R3.4 for me and R4.2 for her)
  4. emergency alu foil (which could be sandwiched between the two sleeping bags)
  5. 2 Lanterns , one should be a head-light
  6. Pinguin Hiker plus a 250g and a 450g Travel gas tank. Don’t forget matches or a lighter.
  7. Pinguin Solo Alu set + Alb Forming 4 piece set of dishes.
  8. Knife (Fiskars K40 and an Opinel 9mm)
  9. Set of travel cutlery (fork ans spoon)
  10. Small sponge(cut from bigger one) and a small container of dish washing soap.
  11. small kitchen towel – for placing foods when you eat
  12. Microfiber towels for showers and sea (Decathlon Nabaiji XL)
  13. the bag with toilet stuff (Soap, Shampoo, tooth paste and brush, shaving gel, nail clipper, ear cotton buds, etc )

Clothes. For 3-5 days should be enough. after that you have to wash some anyway

  1. 4 x Synthetic T-shirts for me (dries faster in hot days, easier to wash, better than cotton in summer)
  2. I might take a cotton t-shirts for sleeping.
  3. 2x shorts (at least one can be used for the sea)
  4. 1x fleece for colder days
  5. 5x long socks, cause I wear boots and don’t like the feeling on the skin. and 2 or 3 pairs of short socks for walking
  6. 4-5 pairs of underwear (I have a pair of boxers Fastway Coolmax which I like and at least one pair of slips)
  7. 1x pair of flipflops for showers and walking in camps
  8. 1x pair of snickers (something lightweight)
  9. Rain Gear (Pants and Jacket) I prefer my riding jacket dry, even if it has a water resistant membrane
  10. hat (for walking in sunny days. Sunstroke is to be avoided as possible)


  1. travel medical First Aid kit
  2. anti-inflammatory spray which also has an effect as local anesthetic (also contains some antibiotics and can be used from bees stings to open wounds)  (Oximed)
  3. Pills for stomach (Imodium)
  4. Painkillers (ibuprofen)
  5. Pills for fever and pain (Paracetamol)

Gadgets. Electronics mostly

  1. wall charger (3 ports)+ phone charger with Quickcharge
  2. 12V charger and spare (I use one with 2 ports and with quickcharge ) The charger for goPro is under the fairing, 2x1Ah outputs – one for the front camer and one for the remote controller
  3. GoPro Cameras
  4. battery charger for goPro(aftermarket with 2 slots and 2 extra batteries included)
  5. powerbanks 10Ah + 6Ah
  6. bluetooth headset BT-S2
  7. bluetooth receiver for phone (some chinese BT audio receiver with 200mAh battery that I connected to one of the earphones in my helmet to always hear the GPS. The BT-S2 is untouched but one of the earphones is less audible because the GPS one covers it)
  8. cables (micro-usb, USB type C, mini USB for goPro 3 , OTG cables to transfer videos to phone for editing)
  9. micro-sd cards with spare
  10. tripod for phone
  11. goPro selfie Stick


  1. ID cards and/or Passport  (we’ll have both, and use the passports in general)
  2. Insurance of vehicle
  3. Vehicle registration papers
  4. Travel insurance
  5. Breakdown assistance (I use A24)

! keep every paper as dry as possible – use plastic zipper bags.





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