Packing what’s needed

I made a summary of the things I am considering to bring with me in the Europe trip. I split them in four categories¬† for camping, clothes, medicine and gadgets. Continue reading “Packing what’s needed”


BT-S2 Headset. Pairing 3 devices in intercom mode

Here is a small tutorial about how to connect 3 BT-S2 devices in intercom mode. It can be used for 3 riders, but I’ll use it for 2 riders and a passenger. If you intend the same the first 9 steps are sufficient for you. Continue reading BT-S2 Headset. Pairing 3 devices in intercom mode

Top case enhanced

If last year we had our tent in one of the sidecases , this year we plan to use a rack for it. This will give us more space in the side cases not for more clothes, but for spare parts I think (maybe oil filter and some other stuff) … not decided yet. So, this is how I started to enhance the top case with the luggage rack. Next step: adapt a USB power plug to charge power-banks during day , for later usage in the evening , for those days when electricity is not present … or not … Continue reading Top case enhanced

Travel Spare parts and tools

In order to have some inner peace in my next trips I started this list of tools and spare parts to have anywhere I go outside the country, or even there on longer trips. I’ll stick to spare parts , mechanics and electronics… not general use or camping gear. For that I have a separate page. I will split it in 2 categories: spare parts and tools that I would like to have in my toolbox or under the seat. After I checked all items in those lists I will add the pictures to show you where I placed everything. … Continue reading Travel Spare parts and tools