If you care to help me doing this trip , any amount is gladly received.

Use Pay Pal or send it to my accounts (will add details for EUR and RON). THANK YOU!

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What I ask you to donate for?

  • will post every step I make in  this blog. My wish is to make a guide for everyone that has the same dream as me.
  • will have lots of photos , planning to have 360 photo spheres at every stop
  • will tell stories about most interesting visited  places (or links to pages that can relate it better than I do)
  • will visit one of your friend / relatives and give them hugs from your side (send me email with the donation details or write your task in the comments of transfer or  pay pal )
  • will advertise for you , your company, your product.
  • will visit you if near my route, and share pictures of us together on the blog

Besides that I started a crowdfunding campaign on :