Apuseni – Iunie 2017

This weekend is a long weekend and there’s also Cluj Bike Fest(@ELDORADO camping, Gilau), a good reason to take the bike out. As you can see the plan is to visit the mountains (Apuseni) a bit. Day 1. Sibiu – Cluj Bike Fest (Eldorado camping – Cluj ) Day 2 . Eldorado camping – Beliș – Cascada Vălul Mieresei – Padiș Day 3 . Padiș – Bradu – Deva – Sibiu   Continue reading Apuseni – Iunie 2017

Passenger’s first ride on RIDA. BT-S2 Headset in test.

This weekend we decided to have the first ride together since the weather was getting better and better. It was also a good opportunity to test the Bluetooth form China (BTS2 from GearBest – order from here to support me) which worked pretty well after I figured out how to pair them. I read the instructions a while ago but somehow didn’t do it right from the first time. Only in Cisnadioara we had 5 minutes break to try it again and it worked. The sound is pretty clear , especially with the visor down when you speed up… It … Continue reading Passenger’s first ride on RIDA. BT-S2 Headset in test.

Travel Spare parts and tools

In order to have some inner peace in my next trips I started this list of tools and spare parts to have anywhere I go outside the country, or even there on longer trips. I’ll stick to spare parts , mechanics and electronics… not general use or camping gear. For that I have a separate page. I will split it in 2 categories: spare parts and tools that I would like to have in my toolbox or under the seat. After I checked all items in those lists I will add the pictures to show you where I placed everything. … Continue reading Travel Spare parts and tools